List of Lucky Foods for New Year’s Eve 2024

YEAR OF THE WOOD DRAGON – Here is the list of so-called ‘lucky foods’ for the upcoming New Year’s Eve 2024.

Many Filipinos have been serving delicious food every New Year’s Eve. It has been a part of Philippine culture and tradition over the past few decades. Here are some lucky foods that you may consider during the holiday celebration.

Lucky Foods for New Year’s Eve 2024 (Year of the Wood Dragon)

Year of the Wood Dragon – Here are some Lucky Foods for New Year’s Eve 2024

LUCKY FOODS 2024 – Here are some foods that you can serve during the New Year’s Eve celebration (Year of the Wood Dragon).

As the New Year approaches, many people around the world follow traditions believed to bring good luck and prosperity for the coming year. One common way to invite good fortune is through the food we eat on New Year’s Eve.

In the Philippines, Filipinos usually serve delicious food for the holiday celebration. Most of them prefer to serve the so-called “Lucky Foods,” expecting to acquire good health, good luck, and wealth for the upcoming year.

Lucky Foods

Preparing the so-called ‘Lucky Foods’ on New Year’s evening has already become a part of Filipino culture and tradition. Aside from bringing luck and prosperity, it also brings joy to the family that shares the delicious meal.

Lucky Foods

Here is the list of ‘lucky foods’ that you might consider serving on New Year’s Eve 2024:

Glutinous Rice Cake

Glutinous rice cake sounds like “getting higher year-on-by-year” in Chinese. This suggests to Chinese people that having a prosperous business is related with an overall life improvement, the higher one is.


For many reasons, fish is consumed on New Year’s Day depending on the nation or culture: Because fish swim in large groups, it can be interpreted as a sign of plenty or good luck because of their shining scales.


On New Year’s Eve, luck-minded people all around the world favor pork over chicken. Pork and sauerkraut, which has a lengthy shelf life due to its long strands, are preferred in Germany.


Noodles are a common New Year’s meal in many countries, representing life’s longevity.


Traditionally, dumplings are consumed as part of the Lunar New Year feast, representing wealth. These can be made for New Year’s Eve, although that celebration happens in January or February, depending on the lunar calendar!


Citrus fruits, such as oranges, tangerines, and kumquats, are all lucky during New Year. Because of their happy and lucky color, they are often used in decorations and shared among family members.


For Cantonese people, shrimp is a popular Chinese New Year dish. Because the Cantonese word for shrimp, ha, sounds like laughter, shrimp are associated with “liveliness,” as well as “happiness” and “good fortune.”

Green Vegetables

Without veggies, a Chinese New Year reunion dinner menu is incomplete. The vegetables symbolizes ‘spring’,’renewal’, ‘energy’, ‘progress’, and ‘wealth’.


Nothing is luckier than enjoying champagne on the holiday festivities, since it represents money and can bring success on one during the upcoming year.

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