Eman Bacosa Is Manny Pacquiao’s Alleged Love Child, Here’s A Video Of Them

EMAN BACOSA – This newly-debuted boxer is allegedly the son of Manny Pacquiao with another woman and their video recently emerged. In the video that caught attention online, they were in training and Pacman is seen teaching him some moves.

Manny Pacquiao and His Rumored Son Eman Bacosa Video

Here’s a video of Manny Pacquiao and his rumored love child.

Boxing legend Manny Pacquiao allegedly has a love child named Eman Bacosa and here’s their video circulating online.

The epitome of a blessed and perfect family is the Pacquiao family. Manny Pacquiao is a lawmaker and boxing legend and his wife Jinkee has supported him all the way. Their children are humble and raised well and there seems to be no hard issue heard about them this year.

Their new and third mansion in General Santos is finally done. Their life is abundant and they are all living well.

However, last October, an allegation about Pacman having a love child named Eman Bacosa emerged. According to the allegations, his child from another woman was welcomed by his wife Jinkee.

“Go ahead, support him because he is your child.”

These were allegedly the words of Pacman’s wife about his son who is pursuing a boxing career. He is his son with Joanna Rose Bacosa, the woman who sought child support from Pacman in the years 2006 and 2011.

And recently, a video of them training together circulated online. In the video, it looked like Pacman was the one personally training his alleged son with another woman. He was even showing him the right footwork and jabbing.

Eman, on the other hand, was carefully listening to him while he was having a sparring with a trainer.

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, Eman Bacosa is Emmanuel Joseph Bacosa Pacquiao. He professionally debuted in boxing last September 23 on “Blow by Blow”, a weekly boxing program promoted by Pacman.

He is 19 years old and stands at 5’10”. He was trained by Buboy Fernandez and Dodie Boy Peñalosa, the longtime trainers of his father.

If the allegations were to be true, he would be the second child of Manny to take up the gloves after Jimuel Pacquiao. The latter is the boxing champ’s eldest with Jinkee who is training at the Wild Card Boxing Gym in Los Angeles, California.

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