Eat Bulaga Trademark Still Used By TAPE, Here’s Why

TAPE filed an appeal over the Eat Bulaga trademark issue to reverse the decision.

EAT BULAGA – Tito, Vic, and Joey win the Eat Bulaga trademark dispute but TAPE has filed an appeal to reverse the decision.

The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines’ Bureau of Legal Affairs has released a decision regarding the dispute over the “Eat Bulaga” and “EB” trademarks. The ruling favored Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, and Joey de Leon (TVJ).

This resulted in the cancelation of Television and Production Exponents Inc. (TAPE) registration.

TVJ won the EB trademark dispute but just recently, TAPE filed an appeal with the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL). The appeal is to reverse the decision of its Bureau of Legal Affairs (BLA).

TAPE’s legal counsel Atty. Maggie Garduque explained the appeal and stressed that TAPE still has the registration of the trademark as there’s no finality yet. She cited that the matter is still pending on the IPO website and the ruling will be executory if the decision is finalized.

“So ang posiyon po ng TAPE Inc. is as of now we still have the registration of the trademark of Eat Bulaga. …There’s still no award being given to Joey de Leon as regards to registration or trademark registration of the Eat Bulaga trademark,” Garduque said.

This is why they are still using the trademark despite the ruling.

Moreover, it was also not stated in the resolution released by the adjudication officer of BLA of IPO that they are prohibited from using it. They are aware of the calls to them to respect the decisions, which they do, but they also respect the process and there’s due process.

They already filed an appeal to the director of BLA and under the rules, they would have to wait for the response.

To recall, last week, IPOPHL canceled the registration of TAPE for the trademarks.

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