Sarah Lahbati Responds To Her Alleged Statement Against Annabelle Rama

Sarah Lahbati reacted to her supposed statement

Actress Sarah Lahbati responded to her alleged statement against her mother-in-law Annabelle Rama.

Sarah has become a trending topic on social media after speculations surfaced that she and actor Richard Gutierrez broke up. Her cryptic post about “how to love someone unlovable” fueled the breakup speculations.

She was also absent during a recent Gutierrez family event. Her brother-in-law Raymond Gutierrez did not share photos of them together even though they attended the same event.

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The issue was even hyped up when Annabelle Rama spoke about this. It was previously speculated that the mother of Richard Gutierrez was the reason for his breakup with Sarah Lahbati.

Annabelle made revelations against her daughter-in-law but when Sarah was asked to react to her mother-in-law’s statement, she refused to say anything.

In a recent social media post, Sarah reacted to her supposed statement. The actress shared on her Facebook page a “quoted statement” which was attributed to her. She said that it was fake news. “I never said this,” Sarah said.

The fake quoted statement claimed that Sarah said that she was thankful to be married to Richard because he is a husband material and father figure. However, Sarah allegedly said that her mother-in-law brainwashed her husband and so, he allegedly changed.

With this, the fake statement from Sarah shared advice to those who want to get married in the future. “Get to know your future in-laws so you won’t end up like me,” the fake statement said.

As of writing, the said fake quoted statement is no longer available. This was shared on the Chikiting Squad Facebook Page.

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In the comment section of her post, Sarah Lahbati received support from netizens. Some said they already knew she did not say those words while others said they are praying and supporting her. Here are some comments.

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