Miles Ocampo Saw Elijah Canlas & Andrea Brillantes Video Doing This

Ogie Diaz reveals something about Miles Ocampo

Actress-host Miles Ocampo reportedly did this thing after she saw the video of her ex-boyfriend Elijah Canlas with Andrea Brillantes.

Elijah was the one who confirmed that he and Miles broke up during a recent interview. Following that breakup confirmation, actress Maja Salvador, Miles’s friend and manager, was asked to react but she refused to say anything but stressed that he support will always be there for the E.A.T host.

Miles also reacted to Elijah’s breakup confirmation. The actress-host said that she was quite a bit surprised that the actor would speak about this so early.

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Following the Miles Ocampo-Elijah Canlas breakup, rumors surfaced that the actor is having a romantic connection to his Senior High co-star Andrea Brillantes. Talent manager-vlogger Ogie Diaz said that Elijah and Andrea are “nagkakamabutihan.”

In a recent Showbiz Update vlog of Ogie, he shared that Miles saw a video of Elijah and Andrea doing something. He said that Miles could deny this but he will stand on what his source told him.

Ogie in a teasing way revealed that someone showed Elijah and Andrea were “nagsusubuan ng spaghetti.” Then, the talent manager-vlogger said that he was not sure how Andrea learned that Miles was able to watch that video.

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After this, it was said that Andrea sent a message to Miles saying “Ate, sorry nakakahiya sa ganito pa nakarating sa inyo ang tungkol sa amin. Sana makausap kita.” Ogie also shared what Miles’s reaction was after reading that message from Andrea.

Pak! Binato yung cellphone,” Ogie shared based on what his reliable source told him. With this, Ogie’s other co-host Mrena asked him if this meant that it was confirmed that Elijah and Blythe (Andrea) were now a couple.

Ogie stressed that the confirmation must come directly from Elijah Canlas and Andrea Brillantes.

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