Sarah Lahbati Father Intriguing ‘Dogs Barking’ Caption, Netizens Speculate

The father of Sarah Lahbati shared this post with an intriguing caption

Actress Sarah Lahbati and her family’s photo caught the attention of many netizens as her father’s caption seemed to be intriguing.

Sarah is one of the trending topics on social media and showbiz news because of her rumored breakup with actor Richard Gutierrez. Amid the speculations about the status of their relationship, Sarah and Richard remained silent.

People around them were quiet for a while as well. However, just recently, the actor’s mother Annabelle Rama spoke about the celebrity couple.

sarah lahbati family
📷: @abdel_lahbati IG

Previously, it was speculated that Annabelle was the reason why Sarah and Richard broke up. In a recent interview, the veteran showbiz personality expressed an intriguing statement against her daughter-in-law.

Annabelle stated that her son keeps on working and working while the “other” is just spending and spending. Sarah was asked in an interview about the statement made by Annabelle. The actress refused to speak about the issue.

Following the intriguing statement made by Annabelle Rama, Sarah Lahbati’s father shared their family photo. In the photo that Abdel Lahbati shared, they were eating at a restaurant with Sarah’s sons Zion and Kai.

His caption was quite intriguing as well. “Enjoying every moment with family. The convoy keeps going and don’t mind dogs barking,” he wrote.

This was shared on a popular showbiz site and the reaction that netizens shared showed that they agreed with what Sarah’s dad said.

📷: via FP

In a popular showbiz site, netizens speculated that Sarah and Richard’s rumored breakup has something to do with their parents. A netizen commented that the parents should have been silent amid this issue for the sake of their grandchildren.

Some netizens shared their funny reactions to this issue. “Hala lagot kayo kay Madam Annabelle,” a netizen commented.

Here are some comments.

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📷: via FP

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