Daniel Padilla “Pabalik-balik Na Umiiyak” To Kathryn Says Cristy Fermin

In a new video, Cristy Fermin shares new claims about Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo.

DANIEL PADILLA – Showbiz reporter Cristy Fermin has new revelations about the actor and his ex-girlfriend Kathyrn Bernardo.

TV host and showbiz columnist Cristy Fermin was among the first people to spread the truth about the split of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. When the couple finally confirmed it after some time, she was also among those who felt vindicated because her claims were proven to be right.

Daniel released a statement about the split and he has nothing but gratitude for the woman who has become a part of his life for 11 years.

Kathryn Bernardo confirmed the KathNiel split first and just like Daniel, she is also grateful to him and expressed that she will forever treasure what they have had. She said in the caption of her post, “Chapter closed. I hope this finally helps all of us move forward. I won’t be entertaining questions regarding this anymore. Thank you for understanding.”

The split confirmation rocked the entertainment industry and up until now, it remained to be one of the most talked about topics online.

Just like other people, Fermin seems to be not done yet with KathNiel, as well. Recently, in her video, she made more claims about them. According to her source, Daniel was “pabalik-balik” to Kathryn’s house in attempt of trying to win her back. This was around September and he was crying to her.

However, the actress has already given up and won’t take him back because of the things that reached her about the actor. Fermin expressed, “Dahil, ang dami-dami nang nakakarating sa kanyang mga kwento na ang iba ay dinismiss niya sa kanyang isip at puso. Pero yung iba, pinahalagahan niya.”

The actress, on the other hand, has always been quiet and did not open up about their problem. She may not talk about it but changes were showing which made her parents notice them and worry about her.

She accordingly won’t eat and was always based on the claims of Fermin.

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