Energetic 2-Year-Old Kid Goes Viral for Thriving in Household Chores

Meet Arya Sam, the Energetic 2-Year-Old Engaging in Household Chores at Very Young Age

An energetic 2-year-old kid named Arya Sam goes viral for her incredible skills in folding clothes and other household chores.

Arya’s enthusiasm for chores has turned heads, making her a “little helper” sensation. The little girl with her bubbly personality, has become known for more than just her adorable smile. She has several skills at an early age, from expertly folding clothes to sweeping and watering plants.

“Tatak bibo” truly defines Arya, as she takes on household chores with enthusiasm.

Energetic 2-Year-Old Kid

In an interview, Arya’s parents proudly shared how their little one developed an interest in household activities at such a young age. According to Eden, Arya’s mother, they didn’t intentionally teach her these skills.

Instead, it became a part of their daily routine, especially in the mornings when they engaged in household chores like watering plants.

“Actually hindi naman po talaga siya tinuruan. Kasi parang it’s part of the routine namin kasi every morning gumagawa ng gawaing-bahay tulad nang pagdilig ng halaman,” said Eden.

Arya’s father, Kris Jain, shared that Arya began by observing them while playing. Eventually, she started imitating them, taking charge of folding her own clothes. Now, she insists on doing it herself, becoming the chief folder of her wardrobe.

Kris noted that all her clothes are hers, and she takes care of folding them herself.

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“Yung pagtutupi ng damit, before nanonood lang siya habang naglalaro. Eventually kinukuha niya ‘yung mga damit niya tapos ginagaya-gaya niya. Actually ngayon hindi po siya pumapayag na kami ang tumutupi ng damit niya. Lahat ng damit niya sa kanya na talaga, tapos siya na po ang bahala,” he said.

The energetic kid’s parents have adopted a parenting style that allows their child to engage in household chores, steering her away from excessive gadget use. They believe that Arya’s current activities are not just about helping out but also preparing her for the future.

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