Darryl Yap To Push Movie About Loveteams In PH After KathNiel Breakup

Darryl Yap proposed movie about loveteams in the Philippines

Director-writer Darryl Yap wants to push the movie he proposed about the loveteam culture in the Philippine entertainment industry after the much talked-about breakup of actress Kathryn Bernardo and actor Daniel Padilla.

Direk Darryl is known for her controversial films, unconventional themes, and intriguing dialogues he features in his works. Just recently, what caught the attention of netizens about him is his blind items. One specific blind item became a trending topic on social media.

It was about an international singer who visited the Philippines just recently and allegedly booked a male celebrity for two days and paid P1 million per night.

darryl yap

He also shared some posts about the recently confirmed KathNiel breakup. Direk Darryl Yap shared a screenshot of his message to Karla Estrada, Daniel Padilla’s mother. The Queen Mother and the director are close friends.

In another post, the controversial director reposted what he shared in 2021 on Facebook. It was his proposal to Viva Films about a movie titled “Bakit Sa Pilipinas Lang May Loveteam?

In the Philippine entertainment industry, it has been a longtime tradition that male and female celebrities are paired together. Sometimes, if not most of the time, these celebrities become real-life couples.

However, it is a known fact that this kind of culture is only existing in the Philippines. Its pros and cons are also known to many but fans are avidly supporting these pairs even onscreen and their lives behind the camera.

In Direk Darryl’s recent post, he said that he wants to push his proposal to Viva Films for this movie about loveteams. “Still hoping for this. VIVA Films, please give me the chance to enlighten my audience,” he wrote in the caption of his post featuring what he shared back in 2021.

Die-hard Fans

The director pointed out that he wants to discuss in this movie the ins and outs of the loveteam business. He is also anticipating that there are people who will go against this and contradict what he will feature in his film.

Alam kong maraming magtataas ng kilay, magagalit at aaray sa mga magiging laman at eksena ng pelikula PERO HANDA AKO. kahit ako pa lang mag-isa,” he said.

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