Vicki Belo Will Grant “Beauty Wish” Of Person Who Found Her Old Photo

This is what Vicki Belo will do to the person who posted this photo of her.

Belo empire is headed by Vicki Belo and she would love to grant the “beauty wish” of the person who shared this post.

Every big corporation started small. With hard work, perseverance, and patience, success is earned and as for the Belo Medical Group, it all started from the brainchild of the founder Vicki Belo.

This company was put up in 1990 and it was put up with real intentions.

Growing up, Belo admitted that she was bullied because of her appearance. With the goal to help people overcome and let go of the same insecurities as she did, the brand was made and is currently among the most reputable ones in the country in this field.

“For me, the desire to improve something about yourself has nothing to do with vanity and everything to do with self-esteem,” says the founder.

For over 30 years, the Belo Medical Group remained on top as a medical aesthetic ambulatory clinic in the Philippines. The company pioneered several procedures like Picosure, Lutronic GENIUS, Thermage, ADVATx, and more.

Recently, when a photo of the founder went viral from a magazine at the time when the company was still in its budding phase in this industry, she instantly became a “fairy godmother”. She would want to meet the person who posted her old photo and grant the person’s “beauty wish”.

Vicki Belo Comment

“I grew up really conscious about a lot of things about myself, which led me to become a #dermatologist and putting up my own clinic— @belobeauty is my brainchild to help those who felt like I did feel their best in their own skin,” she said in her post.

For her, it also showed that Belo really works because it can be shown in her. From 33 to 66, nothing much has changed.

Check out below:

Last year, as an expert in this field, Belo revealed the top cosmetic surgery Filipinos prefer and that is rhinoplasty. Before, it was liposuction. In her clinics, rhinoplasty is done by cutting off a portion from the ribs of the patient. This will then be put in the nose for a strong structure. The procedure lasts for six hours.

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