Grandma Wakes Up from Coma After Family’s Loving Talks, Prayer & Songs

Lovely Grandma in Bulacan Emerges from Coma Through Family’s Help

A 78-year-old grandma in Bulacan wakes up from a coma after her family engaged her in heartfelt conversations, prayers, and songs.

The family considers this a tremendous blessing, grateful for the second chance they received with their beloved Nanay Nory.

Nanay Nory had been fighting against diabetes and other complications for almost two decades. One day, she slipped into a coma, and the family braced themselves for the possibility of saying goodbye to her.


Determined to show their love in her final moments, the family held on to their faith. They spoke to Nanay Nory, prayed for her, and serenaded her as a way of expressing their affection in what they thought might be their last moments together.

To their surprise, Nanay Nory moved her hands during their heartfelt interaction. Later on, she opened her eyes and spoke, defying the family’s expectations.

The second chance to be with Nanay Nory is a blessing for the family. Jezreel, the granddaughter of Tatay Feling, Nory’s husband, expressed the surreal and unexpected nature of the event.


The family had mentally prepared themselves to let Nanay Nory go, believing that it might be her time to join the Lord. However, she was given back to them.

“Super surreal ng nangyari, very possible siya na nagre-ready na po kaming lahat for nanay na talagang for the Lord na siya. Pero ibinigay pa rin po siya sa amin,” Jezreel said.

The family is immensely grateful for this unexpected extension of time with Nanay Nory. Tatay Feling, expressing his hope for a longer life for his wife, shared “Sana po humaba pang muli ang buhay niya para makapiling ko ulit.”

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