Bacolod City Traffic Authority Honors Oldest Traffic Enforcer, Tatay Antonio Cordero

Bacolod City Traffic Authority Recognizes Its Most Senior Traffic Enforcer in the City

The Bacolod City Traffic Authority honored Tatay Antonio Cordero, the oldest traffic enforcer in the city.

Traffic enforcers, often dressed in their uniforms, stand at busy intersections, guiding vehicles and pedestrians. Their job goes beyond merely directing traffic, it involves a balance of patience, precision, and dedication to maintaining order on the streets.

One of the primary objectives of traffic enforcers is to prevent road accidents and maintain a smooth flow of vehicles. They act as guardians of road safety, using their presence and signals to regulate the often chaotic traffic.

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Recently, a dedicated traffic enforcer in Bacolod City, known as Tatay Antonio Cordero or BTAO 001, has received well-deserved recognition from the Bacolod City Traffic Authority (BTAO). At the age of 78, Tatay Antonio has been diligently managing traffic in the city for an impressive 29 years.

BTAO Officer in Charge, Patrick Lacson, took to social media to express admiration for Tatay Antonio’s commitment to his duty. Lacson shared that Tatay Antonio has been approved to continue serving as a traffic enforcer under the BTAO, allowing him to assist in regulating traffic and ensuring road safety in the city.

Hailing from Barangay Mandalagan and a father to six children, Tatay Antonio is a familiar face at the intersection of Lacson and Rosario streets. His three decades of service have made him a respected figure in the community, where he can often be found managing traffic with a smile on his face.

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The Bacolod City Traffic Authority acknowledges Tatay Antonio’s dedication and, through the recognition of Lacson, has allowed him to continue his role as a traffic enforcer. This recognition reflects the city’s appreciation for the enforcer’s hard work over the years.

In an interview, Tatay Antonio shared that regardless of the weather conditions, he takes pride in fulfilling his duties on the road.

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