Problem Of Plastic Waste: Why 17 % Of Companies Only Comply?

The problem of plastic waste is one of the major adversaries that the environment is facing

Problem Of Plastic Waste – The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) stated that only 17 percent of companies in the Philippines comply with the law on plastics.

Plastic waste is not just a problem in the Philippines as the whole world is also dealing with this. Over the years, environmentalists and environmental groups have been calling out to people to “reduce, reuse, and recycle.”

The world is reaping the fruit of global warming and other environmental issues because of the negligence of the majority that led to the present situation of the Earth.

problem of plastic waste
📷: WWF-Philippines

In the Philippines, based on the article in Inquirer, the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Act came to life with the aim of controlling the problem of plastic waste. However, a year after this was first implemented, it was reported by the DENR that only 17 percent of the Obliged Enterprises, those that were required to have and implement a program for the proper management of their plastic packaging waste, follow this rule.

A report from DENR said that out of 4,000 big companies in the Philippines, only 709 made an effort to present their EPR plans which were intended to achieve efficient management of plastic packaging waste.

Obliged Enterprises, or companies with total assets exceeding P100 million, are required by the law to register their plastic waste management programs with the National Solid Waste Management Commission.

So what happened to the 83 percent of the companies? Why are they not implementing their plastic waste management programs?

With this kind of problem, the recurring problem I may say, the government should implement the law with an iron hand because these companies seem to be nonchalant about the effect of plastic waste on the environment.

Everyone involved in this should work hand in hand because the positive effect once this law is implemented well extends to the next generations. Wouldn’t it be nice that the children of our children would still breathe fresh air and experience the beauty of clean rivers, streams, and seas?

The problem of plastic waste does not just affect the environment, it also affects humans and animals. It is like a domino effect. If the world or environment we live in is not healthy, humans and animals living in it will also suffer.

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