Mang Inasal Menu 2023 — A Guide on the Food Offers & Delivery of the Fastfood Chain

MANG INASAL MENU 2023 – You can check the guide below on the food offers of the popular barbecue fastfood chain and the delivery process.

Are you one of the fans of the popular barbecue fastfood chain Mang Inasal in the Philippines? You can actually check on its menu online which is posted below and make an order if you are craving for the food but cannot go out yet.

How To Order Mang Inasal Foods Online for Delivery — A Guide for in Ordering

Guide on How To Order Mang Inasal Foods Online for a Convenient Process

HOW TO ORDER MANG INASAL – Here is a guide on the simple process in ordering foods from the popular barbecue fast food restaurant chain in the Philippines.

In the Philippines, one of the most popular fastfood chains is Mang Inasal. Its main dishes are grilled barbeque chicken which is a favorite of countless Filipinos. In fact, this food is also one of those that foreign nationals often do not want to miss during their visit to the Philippines.

Mang Inasal
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Mang Inasal was founded by Edgar “Injap” Sia II. It was on December 12, 2003 when the fastfood chain was established in Iloilo City. It is most popular for its unlimited rice offer on its meals. Undeniably, a lot of Filipinos are rice lovers.

The fastfood chain continue to grow through the years. In April 2016, it became part of the Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC) portfolio. Now, it has more than 570 stores across the nation.

How To Order Mang Inasal Foods Online
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Most of the Mang Inasal fastfood stores are franchised. The fastfood chain does not only have countless avid eaters but as well as a wide social media reach. It offers dine-in, takeout, and delivery services.

Aside from the grilled chicken, the fastfood chain also offers desserts like Halo Halo that comes in two flavors — the Extra Creamy Halo-Halo and the Crema de Leche Halo-Halo. It also serves Palabok and pork sisig.

How to order Mang Inasal foods online? There are only a few easy steps in ordering food from the popular fastfood chain. Here are the steps that you may follow to conveniently order your food:

  • Go to the official website of Mang Inasal and proceed to the order section.
  • Click the foods that you wish to order. Make sure to indicate the right quantity for each food order.
  • Click “Checkout” which is found on the right side of the page.

You might like to check on the prices of the Mang Inasal foods. You may refer to the tables below before proceeding on how to order Mang Inasal foods to check on the prices of the food offers:

Paborito Value Meals

PM1 – Paa Solo₱99.00
PM1 – Paa with Drink₱109.00
PM1.5 – Spicy Paa Solo₱99.00
PM1.5 – Spicy Paa with Drink₱109.00
PM2 – Pecho Solo₱105.00
PM2 – Pecho with Drink₱115.00
PM3 – Pork BBQ 2 pcs. Solo₱99.00
PM3 – Pork BBQ 2 pcs. with Drink₱109.00
PM4 – Bangus Sisig Solo₱99.00
PM4 – Bangus Sisig with Drink₱109.00
PM5 – Pork Sisig Solo₱99.00
PM5 – Pork Sisig with Drink₱109.00
PM6 – Bangus Inihaw Solo₱99.00
PM6 – Bangus Inihaw with Drink₱109.00

Sulit Meals

SM1 – Paa Solo₱59.00
SM1 – Paa with Drink₱69.00
SM2 – Pork BBQ 1pc Solo₱59.00
SM2 – Pork BBQ 1pc with Drink₱69.00


Pansit Bihon Solo₱49.00
Pansit Bihon with Drink₱59.00
Diniguan at Puto Solo₱49.00
Diniguan at Puto with Drink₱59.00


Sago’t Gulaman₱29.00
Soft Drink Regular₱29.00
Soft Drink Large₱39.00
Iced Tea Regular₱29.00
Iced Tea Large₱39.00


Halo-Halo Regular₱39.00
Halo-Halo Sepcial₱49.00
Leche Flan₱29.00
Turon Split₱39.00

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