Jinkee Pacquiao Shares “Bonggang” Christmas Setup In GenSan Mansion

Here’s the beautiful Christmas decoration in the GenSan mansion of Jinkee Pacquiao and Manny Pacquiao.

Famous personality Jinkee Pacquiao shares jaw-dropping and “bonggang” Christmas setup of their mansion in General Santos.

In a previous article, Jinkee Pacquiao shares several snaps of their resort-like mansion in General Santos. The Pacquiao mansion in GenSan is a glass-walled home with a beautiful landscape surrounding it. It has a pond and two separate pools.

To recall, the first time Jinkee shared their mansion with the public through her posts was late last year when it was still under construction.

Based on the photos, their house is surrounded by different varieties of ornamental plants. The path of the grand entryway has a short runway which is ideal for fashion enthusiasts like the boxing legend’s wife.

The main wooden door has a stamp of Manny’s trademark and inside the living room is a very high ceiling adorned with a huge and classy chandelier. Around the living room are different displays that are obviously picked by Jinkee.

The kitchen area is also an ideal place to hang out as it is spacious and well-ventilated.

The Pacquiao mansion surely feels homey in GenSan and this Christmas season, their home sure feels more homey and vibrant because of the Christmas decorations.

The woman of the Pacquiao home recently shared some snaps of the corner of their house decorated with Christmas stuff and ornaments. A very tall Christmas tree is standing in the living room. It sure is tall but it still did not reach their ceiling.

The decorations are grand and expensive with the gold and silver motif setup by Gideon Hermosa, a known personality who has already designed several celebrity weddings and other events. These photos had netizens and other celebrities in awe. The decorations are big, classy, and elegant.

Many netizens were impressed and the setup also wowed their celebrity friends.

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