Chavit Singson Opposes Plan of Manny Pacquiao to Fight in Olympics

Chavit Singson Disagrees with Manny Pacquiao fighting in Paris Olympics 2024

Former politician Chavit Singson expresses disagreement with Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao plan to fight in Paris Olympics 2024.

The former Mayor of Narvacan, Ilocos Sur, is expressing opposition to Pacquiao’s aspiration to participate in the 2024 Paris Olympics. According to this ex-politician, the “Pambansang Kamao” has no need to further demonstrate his boxing prowess.

Chavit Singson Pacquiao Olympics

As per Singson, participating in the Olympics would risk tarnishing Pacquiao’s impressive record, and he firmly encourages the 8-division world champion to retire instead. Singson firmly states, “There is no need. His record will only be ruined. He should just retire.”

Singson believes that if Pacquiao were to face a younger competitor in the Olympics, he might struggle due to the changes in his reflexes, based on the article of Abante. Singson emphasizes that he advised Pacquiao to stop when he was still young, as reaching the age of 40 would bring changes to his reflexes.

It’s worth noting that the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) has disclosed that they have submitted an appeal to include Pacquiao in the Olympics using the universality rule. The POC initially disclosed in late August that Pacquiao had approached them with the idea of competing in the Paris Games.

A month later, Pacquiao conveyed his excitement about this opportunity, emphasizing that representing the Philippines in the Olympics had been a dream of his since his teenage years. The POC’s preferred route for Pacquiao is through these universality slots, as he has surpassed the age limit of 40 for Olympic qualifiers. 

Meanwhile, Pacquiao will pursue his Olympic dream despite his age. At the age of 44, Pacquiao remains hopeful about his prospects of competing in the 2024 Paris Olympics, claiming “age is not a barrier”. 

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