Piolo Pascual Reveals True Reason For Accepting “Mallari”

This is the real reason why Piolo Pascual accepted this movie.

Kapamilya heartthrob Piolo Pascual becomes honest on why he accepted “Mallari”, an official entry in MMFF 2023.

‘Mallari’ is among the official entries for his year’s Metro Manila Film Festival starring Piolo Pascual, JC Santos, Elisse Joson, Janella Salvador, and Gloria Diaz and directed by Derick Cabrido.

This film is partly fiction and partly true as this is inspired by the true story of Fr Juan Severino Mallari. The priest claimed 57 lives during the 1800s before he was captured. He is the first and only Filipino to commit such a number of kills.

The film was shot in various historical locations in the Philippines and a village was even built intentionally just for this film. Fr Juan Severino Mallari will be played by Piolo Pascual.

Now, what made the actor accept this film?

According to him, the producer did not think twice and gave in to his asking price which is why he accepted the project. During the mediacon, he revealed that he would be doing three characters in this film and they did not even ask him to lower his demand.

“Sabi ko, ‘Buti naman, kasi sabi ko pag tumawad kayo, hindi po talaga. Mahirap e. Buy one take three, e. I even had one scene where I had to play another character. So, I did four,” he said.

The whole experience was mind-boggling for him but they were able to pull it off and pull through because of the collective effort.

They did not disclose the specific amount of the talent fee but John Bryan D. Diamante of Mentorque Productions expressed that it was reasonable. They know that the job is not easy.

In terms of the budget for the film, it did not accordingly reach Php 100 million.

Meanwhile, here’s a list of the 10 official entries of MMFF 2023:

  1. “A Mother and Son’s Story” (Cineko Productions)
  2. “(K)Ampon” (Quantum Films)
  3. “Penduko” (Sari Sari Network)
  4. “Rewind” (Star Cinema, APT Ent., Agosto Dos Media)
  5. “When I Met You in Tokyo” (JG Productions)
  6. “Becky and Badette” (The IdeaFirst Company)
  7. “Mallari” (Mentorque and Clever Minds Inc.)
  8. “Firefly” (GMA Pictures and GMA Public Affairs)
  9. “Broken Hearts Trip” (BMC Films in partnership with Smart Films)
  10. “GomBurZa” (JESCOM Films and MQuest Ventures)

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