Jessy Mendiola Shares Singapore Trip With Rosie, Luis Manzano

Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola enjoy family time in Singapore.

In a new vlog, actress Jessy Mendiola some of the highlights of her trip to Singapore with her husband Luis Manzano and their daughter Rosie.

Celebrity couple Jessy Mendiola and Luis Manzano have enjoyed their time with their daughter Isabella Rose in Singapore. She previously shared some snaps of them and their quality time at the Gardens by the Bay.

During the same time last year, they also went to Singapore and at that time, she was only six months into pregnancy.

In her new vlog, she shared some of their moments and family bonding there with Rosie who is finally in the flesh. To recall, Jessy gave birth to Rosie last December 2022.

On their first full day in Singapore, they went to the famous spot Gardens By The Bay which Rosie really enjoyed. The viewers were so fond of seeing her laughing at simple things.

On their third day, they returned to the Gardens By The Bay at Floral Fantasy as they noticed that Rosie loved flowers. They returned to the spot they went to when she was just pregnant with her.

Rosie was definitely amazed looking at the different vibrant colors around her. At her age, Rosie is already talkative but she could only blabber and make sounds. She also laughs a lot and is interactive and responsive. They also visited several restaurants and shared their favorite dishes in the vlog.

Mostly shown in the video are the moments of Peanut laughing at them and interacting with them. This is also Rosie’s first time in Singapore which makes everything about this trip more memorable.

Meanwhile, Manzano and Mendiola got married in February 2021 in a garden ceremony, and the year after, they welcomed their baby girl fondly called as Peanut by them and their family.

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