Sara Duterte ‘Not Time For Politicking’ After Losing CF: Stay True To This

Sara Duterte made this statement after OVP’s confidential funds and other agencies were denied

Vice President Sara Duterte should stay true to her statement that this is not the time for politicking and she expressed this after the Office of the Vice President was denied to have its confidential funds.

Definitely, the VP, also known as Inday Sara is a veteran in politics. Even before she joined this arena, she was already exposed to how politics goes because of her father former President Rodrigo Duterte, who served several terms as Davao City Mayor.

VP Sara has had high approval and trust ratings since she became the second-highest elected government official.

sara duterte
📷: Sunstar

However, in the approval and trust rating data from Pulse Asia this September, based on the report from Inquirer, VP Sara Duterte’s record was down by 11 percent. From 84 percent, last month she got 73 percent. It is because of the issue of confidential funds.

Amid the decision that the OVP will not receive its CF, the Vice President shared on her Facebook page a statement about the most important issue that many people should give their attention to.

Here’s what she posted:

Naiintindihan ko ang inyong pagkadismaya at galit hinggil sa mga isyu tulad ng pakikialam sa budget at usapin ng confidential fund. Hinihikayat ko ang bawat isa sa inyo na tutukan ang paghahanda sa darating na panahon ng taghirap lalo na sa patuloy na pagtaas ng presyo ng pagkain at iba pang bilihin. May oras para sa lahat at hindi ito ang panahon ng paninira at pamumulitika lalo na malayo pa ang susunod na eleksyon.”

Sara Duterte

Yes, being in the government means public service, and politics or political principles should not reign. Elected officials should remember that their first duty is to serve their constituents and not their own bellies for their own gains.

Sara Duterte is an admirable woman. She has achieved things that many women haven’t achieved. I just hope that behind her strong personality, and her toughness to pursue her goals and do things under her position, she will still have that motherly instinct, that softness of a woman caring for her children.

The Vice President is right when she said that this is not the time for politicking. I believe that politicking should not even be practiced at all by those in the public service and I just hope that Inday Sara will stick with what she said – “hindi ito ang panahon ng paninira at pamumulitika.”

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