Moira Dela Torre Shares Her New Album Is ‘Most Honest’

Moira dela Torre is set to release her new album

Singer-songwriter Moira dela Torre shared that her new album is the “most honest” that she has ever made.

Moira is tagged “hugot queen” because of her emotional songs or “hugot songs” which have become theme songs of many people, especially those who are going through breakups, betrayal, and hardships in a relationship.

Based on the article in Inquirer, Moira is already working on her third album with the title Patawad. She shared that when she was working on her second album until the time it was released, the vibe was “autumn and winter.”

moira dela torre
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However, Moira dela Torre said that her new album is “springtime.” “To be honest, I actually didn’t want to classify this album as spring because it’s such a raw, vulnerable and honest album,” the singer-songwriter said.

She said that when she thinks of spring, she visualizes it like a walk in Central Park in New York and trees having buds that are sprouting. Moira also pointed out that she realized spring can also symbolize growth which can be uncomfortable most of the time.

You can’t heal what you don’t acknowledge [emotionally], so I felt like this would be the most honest spring album,” the singer-songwriter said.

Moira also shared that since she started writing her new album in April 2022, this has already gone through several changes. She previously said that her new album looks so much different. This was supposed to be released earlier but she felt that it was not the time yet.

She stressed that you can’t force a bud to grow just because you want it to do so. The singer-songwriter also shared that she feels like her new album is growing with her. “I’m very excited about it. I think that of all the albums I’ve ever written, this will be the most honest one yet,” Moira dela Torre said.

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