Coast Guard Needs More Ships for West Philippine Sea Patrol — Better to Address It than Grant Huge Confidential Funds to Other Offices

Coast Guard Can’t Do Constant Patrols of PH Water Due to Limited Ships

Instead of granting high CFs to other government offices, it would be best to address the pressing needs of the Philippines first.

The territrorial dispute between Philippines and China over the West Philippine Sea is visibly far from over. Despite the 2016 ruling released by the arbitral tribunal siding PH, the Chinese government continue to push for its claim of ownership of the disputed islands.

Coast Guard
Photo Credit: Philippine Star

In fact, China is boosting its security arm in the disputed islands. Recent reports even cited that the Chinese authorities placed barriers to stop the Filipino fisherfolks’ “intrusion” to an area they call their own — although Bajo de Masinloc is within the 200-nautical mile EEZ of our country.

Recently, the Philippine Coast Guard admitted its need for more ships so it can constantly patrol in the West Philippine Sea and other Philippine waters. The limited resources of the PCG only allows regular but not constant patrols given the size of its fleet.

Amid the need of the PCG for more ships to patrol in the Philippine waters, there is a huge issue concerning the Confidential Funds of several offices including the Office of the Vice President (OVP). The said type of fund was primarily created for the activities and projects relevant to national security and peace and order.

I believe it would be better for the nation to address the pressing needs first and consider the alignment of the funds to the mandate of a certain office. The PCG’s mandate is greatly linked to the purpose of the CF. Why not cut the CFs of other government offices and fund the needs of the PCG?

This is why it is a resounding “Yes” to the move of the Senate and the Congress to review the government offices and agencies and remove where the CFs is not in line with.

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