Angkas PH Grants Brand-New House & Lot to Dedicated Riders

Angkas PH Earns Praise for Granting Brand-New House & Lot to Dedicated Riders

Angkas, the leading ride-hailing service in the Philippines, has recently granted a brand-new house and lot upon one of its dedicated riders.

The company made the generous reward, as a display of gratitude and recognition for their loyal riders. It was held during the Angkas Thanksgiving Gala on September 22, 2023, where 50 of Angkas’ top riders were honored for their exceptional service and tireless dedication.

Angkas CEO, George Royeca, expressed his sincere desire to improve the lives of their riders, stating, “Sa Angkas, naniniwala sila sa pagbabalik ng kabutihang ipinamalas ng kanilang mga riders, na may malaking ginampanan sa aming tagumpay”.

Brand-New House

His statement demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing transportation services and nurturing a sense of partnership and recognition for the individuals who drive their success.

The Angkas Thanksgiving Gala was a night filled with unforgettable experiences, joyous celebrations, recognition, and heartfelt gratitude extended to riders who have played an integral role in the success story of the company.

A simple Angkas rider identified as Eliboy becomes a proud owner of a new house and lot bestowed by Angkas Philippines. He became an embodiment of Angkas’ vision to provide opportunities to those in need.

The firm’s generous gesture has not only changed the lives of Eliboy and his family but also serves as a reminder of the potential for transformation when individuals and organizations unite.

Angkas is not merely a ride-hailing service but a community of people who collaborate and express appreciation. It continues to inspire Filipinos, showing that kindness always prevails in our hearts and minds.

The social media users expressed their reactions to the company’s generosity:

Brand-New House

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