Coron Tourist Spots – Top and Famous Tourist Attractions

Planning a trip to Palawan? Here are some Coron tourist spots you must see in person.

CORON TOURIST SPOTS – What are the top things to do and must-see places if you are going to Coron, Palawan?

When we think of Coron, the things that always come first to our minds are white sands and blue beaches. Coron is a top tourist destination in the Philippines that boasts a lot of natural wonders to brag about.

From pristine lagoons and lakes to towering cliffs, here are some of the other things you can do and spots you must see in this place.

  • Kayangan Lake
    A Coron trip will never be complete without diving and swimming into the famous Kayangan Lake which also has one of the cleanest bodies of water in Asia. 
  • Barracuda Lake
    On the other side of the Kayangan Lake is the Barracuda Lake. This is a famous diving spot where barracuda fish skeletons are seen at its bottom. It has bluish-green waters which have the perfect temperature for swimming.
  • Siete Pecados
    This is the nearest and the best snorkeling and diving site in Coron. Its name means seven deadly sins in Spanish. The small seven islands have a vibrant marine life.
  • Malcapuya Island
    Two hours away from Coron Town is Malcapuya Island. The water here is calm and pristine but the boat ride going here can be rough.
  • Twin Lagoon
    This spot is usually included in a Coron island-hopping package. The water here is a mixture of saltwater and freshwater creating an ideal temperature to dive in.
  • Maquinit Hot Spring
    If you want a break from beaches, you might want to have a soak in Maquinit Hot Spring, a perfect refuge for muscle and nerve relaxation after a tiring day of island hopping and beach swimming.
  • Culion Island
    The trip to Culion Island will keep you informed about the history of this island destination. You must visit the Culion Museum and Archives, La Immaculada Concepcion Church, and Fort Culion.
  • Mt. Tapyas
    This spot will provide you with a panoramic view of Coron. It will take a 724-step climb and all the sweat will be worth it once you see the view from the top.

In terms of accommodations, there are a lot of hotels in Coron that will definitely cater to your needs. To find out more about this place, check out this Coron travel guide.

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