Jhong Hilario Shares Video Of Sarina As An Ultimate Daddy’s Girl

Here’s the video of Jhong Hilario and Sarina that caught the attention of many.

Kapamilya actor-host Jhong Hilario shares how clingy his daughter Sarina is with him. Here’s their cute video.

‘It’s Showtime’ host Jhong Hilario’s daughter Sarina is one million strong on Facebook. Sarina recently reached 1 million on Facebook in terms of followings and this is most probably because of her bubbly and happy personality.

She has this charming vibe that attracts a lot of people. She is also smart and bright at a very young age. And recently, she caught many attention online again in this new video that Jhong Hilario shared.

In the video, the Kapamilya star was making negotiations with his daughter to let him leave for work. He was explaining to her why he needs to go to work but Sarina just won’t let him saying she would be sad if he leaves.

Sari would also cry every time he would attempt to leave which also left him hesitant to go.

He was even consoling Sari by promising her that they would play after he was done with his work. But Sari would always say “no” and refuse to give him the goodbye kiss he was asking for. However, in the end, he still left leaving Sari crying.

Check out the part two of their moment:

Here are some of the comments from the post:

hirap magpaalam sa bata😢 gusto mo man magstay sana. bait bait sari❤️

Ang hirap iwanan ang anak pag ganyan na…😢

Nakakatuwa talaga si sarina, kaya lagi kitang pinapanuod baby ❤️

Isama na lang sa work pag sa It’s Showtime

Hirap din umalis kung ganyan kacute!!!! 😍

Parang nagiging kahawig nya na si mommy nya😍

Meanwhile, Sarina’s Mini Miss U TikTok video went viral previously. She is definitely a performer just like her father.

In a previous interview, Jhong shared that they don’t have any plans of sending Sarina to school at this early age despite her cleverness at 2 years old. In the video of Jhong online, Sari would always showcase her exceptional talent and great character – the reasons why she is loved by their followers and the reason why she was also able to establish a great following on social media.

According to Jhong, they fear that she might get bored if they start her young schooling.

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