Woman Detained After Suspicious Sachet Falls From Her Bra During Cebu City Jail Visit

Jail Personnel Detains Woman After Suspicious Sachet Falls From Her Bra

CEBU CITY, PHILIPPINES – A 28-year-old woman was detained after a suspicious sachet accidentally fell from her bra during her visit to Cebu City Jail.

A woman from Barangay Ermita went to Cebu City Jail to pay a visit but her routine visit took an unexpected turn. The incident happened during a standard security check before visitors were allowed entry into the facility.

The sachet that fell from the woman’s possession immediately raised suspicions, leading to her apprehension by jail personnel. The lady will remain in custody to clarify the situation and determine whether the sachet indeed contained illegal substances.


She will be free once the results of her examination with the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency Region 7 (PDEA-7) are released.

The woman explained that the sachet does not contain drugs but rather a common household item known as “tawas”. She purchased it for a mere ₱1 from a local store with the intention of using it to make a solution to wash her private area.

The latter explained that her practice was a personal hygiene measure to prevent spotting since she had just recently given birth.


The incident shows the importance of vigilance in preventing the entry of illegal drugs into correctional facilities. Security measures, including thorough inspections of visitors, are important in maintaining the integrity of such facilities and ensuring the safety of inmates and staff.

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency Region 7 (PDEA-7) plays a vital role in determining the outcome of this case and whether the woman’s statement is true or not.

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