Story of Oedipus in Greek Mythology

Summary of the Story of Oedipus in Greek Mythology

STORY OF OEDIPUS – Here is a summary of the tale about the King of Thebes who was fated to marry his own mother.

Greek Mythology is filled with a lot of stories about gods and goddesses, nymphs, demigods, titans, kings, and humans. Although these tales are fictional, they leave behind some moral lessons for the readers.

Greek Mythology
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There are tales of love stories such as the Orpheus and Eurydice summary of love, the story of Hades and Persephone, and the popular summary of the love story of Psyche and Eros. There are also tragic stories.

One of the most popular tragic stories in Greek Mythology is the story of Oedipus. He was the son of the King of Thebes who was abandoned as his father feared that he will be the cause of his death and dethronement.

Story of Oedipus in Greek Mythology
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King Laius, the ruler of Thebes, was told by an oracle from Delphi that his son will be the cause of his death. The second part of the oracle told the King of Thebes that after he will die, his son will marry his wife, Jocasta, his own mother.

Due to fear that he will be killed and his wife will be married to their own son, Laius tied the ankles of the baby and ordered one of his shepherd-servants to take the boy to the mountain and leave him there. Feeling pity over the baby, the shepherd-servant took the boy to the King of Corinth and his wife instead of leaving him behind in the mountains.

The King of Corinth and his wife named the boy Oedipus which means swollen feet. The climax of the story of Oedipus took place when he was already a young man. The Oracle from Delphi told him that he will be the cause of the death of his own father and he will marry his own mother.

Afraid that the Oracle will come true, Oedipus decided not to return to Corinth. He went to Thebes where he met Laius, his own father, at a crossroad. They got into a fight and he died — fulfilling the first part of the prophecy.

After the death of Laius, Oedipus knew about the Sphinx which eats anyone who will not be able to solve its riddle. He solved the riddle which made him King of Thebes and husband of Jocasta, his own mother.

The story of Oedipus went further with him and Jocasta being blessed with four (4) children. However, an epidemic took place and the probe led to the discovery of the truth. Upon knowing it, Jocasta died and Oedipus took two pins from her dress which caused his blindness.

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