Liza Soberano Wants To Join Korean Entertainment

Liza Soberano is studying the Korean language

Actress Liza Soberano shared that she wants to join the Korean entertainment industry and is already doing things to achieve this goal.

It is known to many that Liza started pursuing her Hollywood dream. She has already shot a movie in the States. Many showbiz enthusiasts know that her decision to leave her former management for her Hollywood career became controversial.

Aside from pursuing her acting career in the US, she previously made efforts to be visible in South Korea. She has been flying back and forth in the country.

liza soberano
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In a recent interview, based on the article in PEP, Liza Soberano said that she wants to penetrate the entertainment industry in South Korea.

She shared that she can speak a little Korean now because of her frequent travels and she is also taking language lessons. “I’m really taking it seriously because honestly, I am,” she said.

Liza said that she feels like it is a dream of many actors to be in a K-drama series or movie. The Filipina-American actress also said that she feels like South Korea will be the next Hollywood.

“They’re making so much noise in entertainment,” she said, adding that it will be a great honor for her to be part of this industry. However, she acknowledges that for now, her downfall is that she can’t speak Korean fluently yet.

“So, I’ve actually met with a lot of production companies, a lot of agents and managers and they’re having an interest. Pero, sabi nila, balikan ko sila kapag nakakasalita na ‘ko ng Korean,” Liza Soberano said.

Early this month, James Reid, who owns Careless, the company managing the career now of Liza, shared an update about her career. He said that there are a lot of projects lined up for the actress.

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