Julia Barretto Viral Walkout, Cristy Fermin Says “Malditiks ito eh”

This is what Cristy Fermin said when Julia Barretto walked out from this question.

Actress-entrepreneur Julia Barretto walked out when asked about Maja Salvador and Gerald Anderson and this is what Cristy Fermin said about it.

Wedding bells are not ringing yet for Julia Barretto and Gerald Anderson. This is what the actress confirmed in a recent interview where she was asked about their wedding or plans of getting married.

Julia addressed the secret wedding rumors with her boyfriend and said that there’s no secret wedding to reveal as there is no engagement that has happened yet to begin with. She stressed that at times now, keeping secrets has become more difficult

She even asked why they were rushing them while laughing at the questions. She believes that it is something to look forward to but for now, they are just enjoying what they have. She also told the reporters to not ask them about this matter constantly as this will be eventually shared once the two people decide to share it with the public.

“I don’t know why everybody is rushing us. We’re really happy where we are, I’m really happy where I am in my life. I don’t know, you’ll just find out one day,” she continued.

She was then asked about the exchanging pleasantries of her boyfriend with his ex-girlfriend Maja Salvador during a basketball game. Gerald and Maja have a beso-beso moment which became viral online.

The actress was amused by the question and quipped, “Oh my goodness, madam! That’s not the right event for this!”

Julia then walked out but she did not do it in a manner that was rude. She just abruptly turned her back throwing some flying kisses to the reporters.

In the latest video of veteran columnist Cristy Fermin, she discussed the matter and lambasted Barretto for how she has acted in front of the reporters. Fermin expressed that she must not really be in the mood that night because it really showed.

She even added a scenario and aired what would she do if it was Bea Alonzo who exchanged pleasantries with her current boyfriend.

“Papano kung si Bea Alonzo, sila ni Gerald ang magkita at mag-kiss si Gerald kay ano, kay Bea. Ano? Hindi lang magwa-walk out itong si Julia, tatakbo ito palayo, o diba? Oo, lalo siyang mabu-bwisit dahil yun ang sinundan niya eh,” Cristy commented and added in her statement based on the video, “Malditiks ito eh.”julia

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