Mariah Carey Acknowledges Christmas Starts Early For Filipinos

Mariah Carey shared this post for her Filipino lambs

Multi-awarded singer Mariah Carey acknowledged that Filipinos start the celebration of Christmas earlier than the rest of the world.

In the Philippines, when September comes, Pinoys are already putting up some Christmas decorations at homes, offices, and different establishments. This is also the start of playing Christmas songs on the radio and practically anywhere.

Because of this, Pinoy veteran singer Jose Mari Chan will be extra popular when this season comes. He is known for his heartwarming Christmas songs and he has become a part of the holiday celebration.

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It is also known to many that Pinoys are starting to share memes and funny posts about him and this season. Jose Mari Chan said in a recent interview that he is aware of the memes about him and he is thankful for being a Christmas symbol in the Philippines.

Another extra popular personality during the holiday season is none other than Mariah Carey who popularized the song All I Want For Christmas Is You.

In a post on X (Twitter), Mariah shared a post from a fan page. The post talked about the 75 percent increase in the number of streams for her popular Christmas song compared to the same time last year.

When the internationally acclaimed diva reposted this, she acknowledged that this was because of her fans in the Philippines. Mariah’s supporters are called lambs.

“[Speaking head emoji] Not yet!!!! I’ll allow it for my Filipino lambs though! [lamb emoji, red heart emoji] (I don’t make the rules! [woman shugging emoji],” she wrote.

In the comment section of Mariah’s post, her Pinoy lambs expressed excitement and happiness. There was one netizen who expressed hope that the diva would have a Christmas concert in the Philippines. “We are waiting for a Christmas concert here in the Philippines, let’s break records,” user @TarugoSa commented.

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