Mike Enriquez Wife: Who Is Lizabeth Yumping?

Who is Mike Enriquez’s Wife?

Mike Enriquez Wife – Lizabeth Yumping is the wife of the late broadcaster Mike Enriquez and here is a glimpse of their love story.

The broadcast industry mourns the death of one of the pillars of news and current affairs in the Philippines. Mike’s death was announced on August 29 and GMA Network released an official statement regarding this sad news.

Along with his death, the public got curious about the wife of the late veteran broadcaster. Here is a glimpse of how Mike met his wife Lizabeth.

Mike Enriquez
Photo Source: Abante TNT

In an interview back in 2013, based on the article in The Philippine Star, Mike shared that before being a news anchor, he was a disc jockey. He auditioned to be a radio announcer after one applicant did not show up.

Mike got the job and he was known as DJ Baby Michael one of his avid listeners was Lizabeth “Baby” Yumping who would often request her favorite songs. Through his job as a disc jockey, Mike met his wife.

Decades after being married, Mike and Lizabeth were able to maintain the sweetness between them. In an interview back in 2018, the broadcaster shared the secret behind their long-lasting relationship, in a report published by GMA News.

Oh yes, nagde-date. 1977 pa kami mag-asawa. Ang trick diyan is para lang kayong magkaibigan parati na nagde-date pa kayo, nagte-text kayo araw-araw nang ilang beses, nagho-holding hands pa kayo kahit na gaano katanda na kayo,” Mike said.

mike enriquez wife lizabeth yumping
📷: GMA

He added that they maintained their relationship this way partly because of the design they wanted and the other part because their friendship was their foundation.

Before getting married, they were friends and became best friends. Eventually, they became sweethearts and then, as a married couple. “So we went through the mill,” the broadcaster said.

Another factor that he pointed out was the humor that they share with each other. He said that he and his wife were not too serious with themselves. “As much as possible, wala lang, just try to be ordinary people, and that’s what attracted me to her,” he said.

Mike also shared that the most attractive trait of his wife is her simplicity. He can call Lizabeth as “low maintenance.” He shared that when they would travel, he had to persuade his wife to buy things for herself.

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