Bela Padilla Father Passes Away: Actress Writes Heartfelt Tribute

Bela Padilla shared this sad news on her Instagram page

Actress, writer, and director Bela Padilla is grieving because her father Cornelius Gary Sullivan passed away.

Bela, as a writer with several screenplays under her name such as her directorial debut 366, would always give worth to read captions in her social media posts. The recent one she shared was both heart-wrenching and at the same time full of love and compassion.

She announced the death of her father. “Life really is a series of highs and lows,” she started and included a broken heart emoji in her August 28 (Philippine Time) post.

bela padilla
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Bela Padilla shared that her father passed away in his sleep last night. Although this is heartbreaking for her, the celebrity said that it was a consolation because her father did not suffer in pain.

She is hopeful that her father was dreaming of the happy times he had. “My sister, Ceri, told me the most beautiful thing last night…my dad loved us, his children, deeply. And he also loved himself. And that certainly is true,” she shared.

Bela said that her father really tried to live his life to the fullest and he enjoyed traveling so much. “He always knew where all the cool places were in any country he was in and the bands in bars loved him because he always sang along,” the actress revealed.

bela padilla
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She also shared that since her father taught her to swim and dive, she fell in love with the water at a young age. The actress also highlighted the trait of her father that he was always finding solutions first before reacting and this is something that she really practices.

Bela loves the fact that her father did not take no for an answer if he knew something was right and made sure that everybody knew what was right. The actress also shared that she never saw her father getting upset with anyone in front of her. “He was very empathetic but still madly funny. And he gave the best hugs, never letting go first,” she said.

Bela Padilla admitted that she wants to wish for another day with her father. However, she knows this would be unfair. “For now, and until paradise comes, the memories will tide us over,” the celebrity said.

In the comment section, Bela received love and support from her fans and fellow celebrities like Anne Curtis, Jericho Rosales, Sharon Cuneta, and many more.

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