Andrea Brillantes Reacts To Bashers Of Her ‘Date or Pass’ Vlog

Andrea Brillantes shared this video as an answer to her bashers

Kapamilya actress Andrea Brillantes had this reaction to her bashers after she released her “Date or Pass” vlog which caught the attention of the online community.

Andrea is one of the most popular female celebrities of her generation. In several instances, her name became a trending topic on social media. However, there were times when she became viral because of people’s negative reactions.

Just recently, her vlog showcased her comment on whether to date or not some male personalities did not sit well with netizens. Netizens took notice of the guys she would date and one of them was the handsome son of Ina Raymundo.

andrea brillantes
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Andrea Brillantes was accused of trying to get the attention of those male personalities because she is single right now. It is known to many showbiz fans that her breakup with basketball player Ricci Rivera was the talk of the town for several days.

Through a TikTok video, the Kapamilya actress addressed the naysayers while she was doing her makeup in her car.

She stressed that it was just for fun and she did not expect that this would become a news item. Andrea saw that there were articles written about her statement in her vlog.

The actress said that she was not trying to get anybody’s attention and that was not being “malandi.” She also pointed out that it was just a game and people should not take that seriously.

andrea brillantes
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Andrea said that if she really wanted to date those guys then, she would have messaged them directly instead of saying it in her vlog. She also stressed that if she really wanted to be in a relationship, there was no need for her to try hard and all she would just do is to reply to those who are messaging her.

The actress said that she is not saying this to boast but this is really the situation. “I actually regret making that content “Date or Pass”. I feel like it’s boring compared to their vlogs,” Andrea Brillantes said about her and her friends’ vlog collaborations.

Watch the video.

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