Bong Revilla Says His Fit Body Is “All-Natural”

Bong Revilla quips that he feels like he is 37 years old

Actor-politician Bong Revilla said that his fit body is “all-natural” as he does not take any substance in order to have muscles.

Bong was one of the popular action stars in the 1990s. He has done a lot of action films that showcased his fit figure and agility in fight scenes. Even years after, the actor is still able to maintain a fit body despite his age.

In a recent interview, based on the article in PEP, the actor-politician said that he feels like he is just 37 years old even though he is turning 57 already.

bong revilla
Photo credit: Abante

He said that it is still a long way before he will reach the “senior citizen” age. “Malayo pa. Tatlong dekada pa yun, nasa pangangalaga yan ng katawan. I’m turning 57 but my heart is 37. Di ba?” Bong Revilla said.

The actor-politician said that he works out almost every day and the result is very visible. He said that his body can still portray his past roles as Captain Barbell and Panday. When asked if his muscles are all-natural, he said, “Hindi ako nag-i-steroids, yung nag-i-inject. All-natural.”

Bong also said that he is not depending on stem cells as well. He shared that he would just have checkups in order to make sure that his body is fine. The Senator also shared that he takes Vitamin C and has his derma treatments.

Photo Source: @bongrevillajrph

He also mentioned that right now, he is having allergies because of the food he eats. “Losing too much weight, ang tendency, nade-dehydrate yung balat mo. Yung skin mo, nagsa-suffer. Pero matagal-tagal na rin akong hindi nakakapagpa-derma,” he shared.

Bong also has to be careful of his food intake. As much as possible, he controls what he eats and mostly, he would just have breast chicken. The actor-politician shared that he is having maintenance also for high blood.

He pointed out that this is already needed by people the same age as him. “Hindi na ako bata. Ano lang tayo, mukha lang tayong bata. Hindi ba?” Bong Revilla quipped.

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