Kristel Fulgar Issue – Organizer of Seo In Guk Fan Meet Breaks Silence

This is what the organizer said about Kristel Fulgar being pulled out of the event as a host.

Actress and singer Kristel Fulgar shared the reason behind her being replaced as the host and this is what the organizer said about the matter.

“First time ko naka-experience ng ganitong scenario sa 20 years ko sa industry ng entertainment.”

These were a few words from actress-vlogger Kristel Fulgar when she explained why she was pulled out as the host of the fan meet event of South Korean star Seo In Guk. She was pulled out at the last minute of the event and her lack of enthusiasm during rehearsal was the reason why her hosting was canceled.

She turned emotional in her video as she apologized to all those who were excited to see her. She is a big fan of the Seo In Guk. But there was one great thing that happened and that is her one-on-one interaction with Seo who was also concerned about what has transpired.

And following the buzz this created online, the organizer has finally broken their silence.

In their statement, they expressed their gratitude to the actress-vlogger for her professionalism and class act. They lauded her for being among the earliest to come for the rehearsals and for giving everyone positive energy.

The statement added:

We exhausted all efforts to have her part of the program; even to just have one song number/duet with seo in guk for the fans but as mentioned in the vlog, the decision to have her no longer host was not from our end.

Based on the post, they thanked Kristel and her family for being nice and for showing love and support despite what happened.

In the vlog of Kristel, she shared her experience preparing for the event and her excitement. And as she narrated as to why she was pulled out of the event, she looked distressed and this was disheartening to many of her supporters.

However, everything still turned out after their one-on-one interaction. After this, she also attended the fan meet as a member of the audience.

Meanwhile, Karen Bordador replaced her. Previously, Karen recalled her life in prison which made her emotional. She was jailed after being wrongly accused and she was in prison for 5 years.

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