Insomnia Home Remedies: 7 Natural Treatments To Sleep Better At Night

Here Are 7 Insomnia Home Remedies To Help You Sleep

INSOMNIA HOME REMEDIES – Here are seven (7) insomnia home remedies to help you sleep better at night.

Having sufficient quality sleep is crucial for carrying out daily tasks effectively. It enhances the immune system, supports heart health, repairs muscles, helps memory retention, and contributes to mental well-being.

Despite its importance, a significant number of adults, around one-third, experience insomnia symptoms. For those grappling with sleeplessness, even traditional strategies like reading in another room or reducing blue light exposure might not work. The lack of sleep can lead to irritability, confusion, and poor health.


When seeking natural solutions for sleep problems online, melatonin supplements are often recommended. However, if you’re hesitant about using supplements due to side effects or morning grogginess, here are seven natural methods to ease your insomnia:

1.Use CBD oils, gummies or creams

CBD also known as cannabidiol is extracted from hemp plants. It is a safe insomnia remedy with minimal THC content. Research indicates its effectiveness in promoting sleep and reducing anxiety. It comes in various forms, such as oils and lotions, which can be used before bedtime to induce relaxation.

2. Brew a hot cup of herbal tea

Brewing herbal tea has ancient roots and offers remedies for anxiety, stress, and insomnia. Varieties like chamomile, valerian root, and magnolia are beneficial. Consuming a cup of such tea an hour or two before sleep allows time for relaxation and a bathroom break. Check the nutrition label to avoid added caffeine.

3. Put a drop of lavender oil on your pillow

Essential oils are well-known household remedies. Fragrances like lavender, chamomile, and bergamot are useful for inducing sleep. A drop of essential oil on your pillow or diffused in the air can be calming. It’s also possible to use dried lavender to make tea.

These natural approaches can be alternatives to melatonin supplements, especially if you’re concerned about their effects or prefer not to use pills that might cause morning grogginess.


4. Drink tart cherry juice

Drinking sour cherry juice extracted from tart cherries before going to sleep can enhance the production of melatonin in individuals. According to the same research, the participants who consumed the cherry juice experienced extended periods of time spent in bed, improved sleep duration, and higher overall sleep efficiency. This suggests that tart cherry juice could potentially be beneficial for addressing insomnia.

5. Try dried passionflower or extract oil

Dried passionflower or extract oil, distinct from passionfruit, originates from a rapidly growing vine adorned with vibrant flowers. This plant’s aesthetic appeal is matched by its potential to facilitate sleep induction through herbal tea or extract oil. A recent study indicated that passionflower holds promise as an insomnia remedy, although it’s not advisable for pregnant individuals.

6. Make sure you’re getting enough magnesium

Magnesium, a potent essential nutrient, plays a crucial role in regulating numerous bodily processes, including sleep. Foods like nuts, seeds, spinach, soy milk, yogurt, and whole grains naturally contain magnesium. Consider lightly snacking on magnesium-rich foods an hour or two before bedtime. If you suspect your diet lacks magnesium and could aid your sleep, contemplate introducing a magnesium supplement.

7. Practice yoga and meditation before bedtime

While vigorous exercise before sleep isn’t always recommended, practicing gentle yoga or meditation has been associated with reduced insomnia symptoms and improved sleep quality. Engage in uncomplicated yoga poses like cat-cow, forward fold, or bridge, focusing on controlled breathing and the sensations of stretching.

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