Claudine Barretto Shares Why She “Isolated” Herself In The Past Years

This is why Claudine Barretto intentionally isolated herself before.

Optimum Star Claudine Barretto opens up about the real reason why she decided to step away from the limelight in the past years.

One of the biggest stars in the industry is Claudine Barretto. She is a drama queen and is dubbed as the country’s “Optimum Star” because of her skill and acting versatility. She is slowly coming back to doing acting projects again after many years of being out of the limelight.

She was discovered through her sister Gretchen Barretto, the first among them to join show business. She is best known for her roles in Got To Believe In Magic, Kailangan Kita, Marina, Dubai, Nasaan Ka Man, and Ikaw Ang Lahat Sa Akin.

In her recent interview with Karen Davila, she finally spoke about why she decided to step out and isolate herself for a long time. And in the same interview, she talked about many things including her children, her decision to adopt, her past issues, and many others.

Davila asked her about her “isolation” and she responded that it was mainly because of her children. According to her, it was the time of her separation when she decided to step out and focus on her children.

She felt that her children needed someone who can stay with them. The actress also acknowledged that while she is broken, they were also. In order to make them feel safe and secure, she decided to isolate herself to be with them anytime they would need her.

As much as we all know, at the time of her separation, she has two children – her adopted child Sabina and her biological son Santino. He is her son with her ex-husband Raymart Santiago.

Currently, Claudine has four children with her. She adopted two more children namely Quia and Noah. Many people actually admire her for being loving and for taking care of these children as if they are her own.

In the same interview, she spoke about Sabina, the daughter she adopted before she got married. Accordingly, she instantly felt the connection and she felt that they are meant to be based on the interview.

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