Markus Paterson Shares What Went Wrong Between Him, Janella Salvador

Markus Paterson talked about his past relationship

Actor Markus Paterson shared what went wrong between him and his former partner actress Janella Salvador.

Markus and Janella’s relationship surprised a lot of fans. Through a social media post, it was known by many people that they were together as a couple. Eventually, they shared their journey to parenthood and welcomed their son Jude.

However, the rainbows and butterflies ended for them. After weeks of speculations about the status of their relationship, it was confirmed that they are no longer together.

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In a recent interview, based on the article in Philstar Life, Markus Paterson only has good words for the mother of his son. The actor admitted that it was Janella Salvador who first taught him to love unconditionally.

“I’m glad that it happened with Janella because we already had that connection, that deep foundation of love and trust for each other,” he said.

Markus also said that he really feels blessed with Janella and that he can say that the actress is really the best mother for his son. “Sobrang galing niya,” he enthused.

When asked what went wrong in their relationship, the actor said, “To put it simply, it wasn’t perfect.” He added that it was perfect when they were in the UK but things changed after they returned to the Philippines.

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That was the height of the pandemic and they needed to work already. At that time, he recalled that “a lot of realities set in.” A lot of problems occurred until the time came that they were no longer talking to each other.

The fights became more frequent until yeah, we just decided not to pursue this anymore because it just wasn’t helping and we didn’t want to raise Jude in a household na palaging nag-aaway,” the actor shared.

Eventually, Markus Paterson and Janella Salvador decided to take a break from each other and see what could be the effect on them. Then, they went back to being friends and they started from this.

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