Cesar Montano Talks About His 3 Daughters, Diego Loyzaga’s Child

Cesar Montano is excited to meet his grandchild

Seasoned award-winning actor Cesar Montano talked about his three daughters with former partner Sunshine Cruz and his grandchild from his son Diego Loyzaga.

Last June, Diego surprised a lot of people when he posted a photo of him with a baby. It was his announcement that he is now a father. However, the actor did not reveal the identity of his girlfriend.

Prior to this, there were no reports that the actor is in a relationship but he was linked to different showbiz personalities. Speculations also surfaced that the mother of his baby is a non-showbiz girl who was spotted with him at family gatherings.

cesar montano kids
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In a recent interview, based on the article in Bandera, Cesar Montano said that he is excited to see his “apo.” “While this is not my first time to become a lolo, I still feel excited. I have two grandkids with my eldest daughter, Angela,” the seasoned actor said.

Cesar also said that he is very happy for his son. He added that he trusts Diego and that his son will be a responsible father. “Being a father will surely make him a better person,” he added.

The seasoned actor also shared that he noticed that his son has become happier now that he is a father. Cesar can sense the happiness and excitement that Diego feels through how animated he is when they would talk to each other.

diego loyzaga
📷: @diegoloyzaga IG

Then, the award-winning actor said that he will be a spoiler grandfather. “I told him, ‘I will spoil that child.’ She can call me lolo or grandpa. It doesn’t really matter,” he shared.

Talking about his “tres Marias,” Cesar said that they are still young to start a family. He wants them to finish their studies first. He proudly shared that his three daughters who are in college now are all honor students.

I told them not to put all their efforts to waste. They have to think of ways to constantly level up,” Cesar Montano shared.

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