Home Credit Cash Loan – Here’s Guide on the Possibility of Getting Approved in 2 Offers

Details about the Home Credit Cash Loan Offers to Qualified Clients

HOME CREDIT CASH LOAN – Here is a guide on the possibility of having two (2) cash loans under the Home Credit Philippines.

Several lenders rose to prominence fast in the Philippines. One of these is the Home Credit. Undeniably, its offers meet the demands of most Filipinos and they require minimal documents for the availment of their offers.

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Its cash loan offer is now one of the most popular online cash loans in the Philippines although it is not as widely-applied for as the lender’s Product Loan. It is mainly because the cash loan comes through an offer for previous and existing clients of the lender who have good credit records.

The loanable amounts under the Home Credit Cash Loan offer vary but the lender has set a range. The cash loan offer is usually extended by the lender through an SMS to the client. It also appears on the accounts of those who have registered to My Home Credit mobile app.

Is it possible to get two (2) Home Credit Cash Loan offer? Yes, it is. In the case of application, if you have two (2) offers, only one (1) of them can be applied for. Meanwhile, if you already have an existing cash loan and the lender sent you another cash loan offer, you can apply for it. It is possible to have two (2) existing cash loans at a time.

Home Credit Cash Loan
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With regards to the application for the cash loan offer, there are several options. You can go to a partner store of the lender and be assisted by a sales agent or you may also apply online for Home Credit Cash Loan through the mobile app.

If you have no offer yet but you have an existing product loan with the lender, it is best to make sure that you pay your loan amortizations on time to maintain good credit scores. Delayed payments can damage your records.

Also, not paying your due on time can get you Home Credit loan late payment fees. It is an unwise move as it can make you spend more money on top of the interest and the processing service charges of the lender during the loan application.

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