Over 100,000 Unregistered Sim Cards Seized in POGO Hub Las Piñas

Authorities seized Over 100,000 Unregistered Sim Cards in a raid in a POGO Hub in Las Piñas

Police authorities sized over 100,000 unregistered Sim Cards allegedly in a Philippine Offshore Gaming Operation (POGO) hub in Las Piñas.

According to the allegation, the Philippine National Police (PNP) cybercrime unit collected over 100,000 unregistered sim cards during a raid on an alleged POGO hub in Las Pias in June 2023.

Online crime syndicates allegedly exploited the sim cards for a variety of online frauds, including text spam blasts and online love scams. Ten multi-port GSM Modems were also seized, which are machines used for text-blasting or delivering mass messages to multiple receivers with a single click.

POGO Unregistered Sim Cards

According to National Telecommunications Security Council Representative Ronnie Del Prado, this is being run like a call center. PNP Anti-Cybercrime Group Spokesperson Police Captain Michelle Sabino noted that mere possession of this is a PNP Anti-Cybercrime Group.

“Mere possession of this is a violation. Ang dapat lang meron nito is mga TELCO,” PNP Anti Cybercrime Group Spokesperson Police Captain Michelle Sabino added, based on the report of GMA News.

The National Telecommunications Security Council was researching new measures to combat the growth of cybercrime in the country. Meanwhile, two juveniles, a Malaysian and an Indonesian, were rescued during the POGO hub raid, according to officials.

The PNP-ACG also stated that some Filipinos who were apprehended in the Las Piñas POGO hub. However, they were released were re-arrested in a recent raid on a Cavite scam hub.

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