Repo Cars: Here’s Where To Buy Repossessed Cars In The Philippines

List On Where to Buy Repo Cars in the Philippines

REPO CARS – Here’s a list of where to buy repossessed cars in the Philippines in 2023.

The prospect of paying hundreds of thousands or millions of pesos to purchase a new car isn’t always great, especially considering its value depreciates heavily each year. In many circumstances, buying a repossessed car is wise to do.

Whether you have a tight budget, or you want to purchase a new car model for a reduced price, knowing where and how to buy repossessed vehicles in the Philippines is vital.

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Here’s a List of Where to Buy Repossessed Cars in the Philippines

1. is an online platform that sells a wide choice of used vehicles for sale in the Philippines, with the majority of their inventory being repossessed cars from their partner banks.

It allows potential buyers access to a huge selection of pre-owned cars, trucks, and other vehicles from numerous sources.

The portal promises to simplify a straightforward and reliable process for buying old autos. Potential buyers can access extensive information on each vehicle, including images, features, and pricing. Some services may also provide inspection reports, giving buyers transparency on the vehicle’s condition.

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2. Repossessed Cars

Every month, hundreds of Filipinos turn to Autodeal Repossessed Cars to find the best offers on automotive products.

This organization has been connecting prospective purchasers with motor and car dealerships since 2014. They also offer test-drive scheduling to make your search of choosing your next vehicle more convenient and stress-free.

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3. BDO Vehicles For Sale

BDO is one of the major banks in the Philippines therefore it comes as no surprise that they have a huge number of second-hand cars for sale.

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4. BPI Buena Mano Auto Sale

Buena Mano is in charge of BPI’s repossessed cars. The cars are arranged by location to make your search simpler.

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5. Security Bank Used Cars For Sale

Owning a repossessed car is simple and affordable for Security Bank’s clients. One form can only be used to bid on a maximum of five cars.

Every Sunday is the deadline for offers, and three banking days after that, the results are announced to the public.

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6. Metrobank Vehicles For Sale

Numerous vehicles are also for sale through Metrobank. Filter the brand of the car you desire, then click search to simplify your search. Additionally, you can focus your search on cost and region.

Contact details:

  • (02) 88-700-700
  • 1 800 1888 5775

7. PSBank Pre-Owned Cars For Sale

Download the bid form and the auto loan application (if applicable) to place a bid on a repossessed PSBank repossessed car. Make a bid after that.

Additional filters for PS Bank’s repossessions include selling price, model, brand, mileage, and location. From Monday through Saturday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, the majority of units are open for viewing.

Contact details:

  • (02) 8815-9709
  • (0961) 275-2320

8. RCBC Cars For Sale

A post-auction car sale is also carried out by RCBC. Bidding is not required if only one person is putting in an offer for a unit.

Contact details:

  • 1-800-10000-7222

9. Sterling Bank Used Cars For Sale

Numerous vehicles are available for purchase at Sterling Bank. Filters for these vehicles include warehouse, brand, price, and year of production.

Contact details:

  • (+632) 8721-6000
  • (+632) 8672-6300

10. Unionbank Foreclosed Vehicles

On its inventory, Unionbank has a wide variety of vehicles. Most of the automobiles appear to be in decent condition based on the images, although cleaning may be necessary due to warehouse storage.

Contact details:

  • (+632) 8841-8600
  • 1-800-1888-2277

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