Kris Aquino on Mark Leviste: “Hindi siya handa sa seryosong relasyon”

Kris Aquino Shares Reasons Why She Break-up with Mark Leviste

The “Queen of All Media” Kris Aquino shares reasons why she break-up with her former partner Mark Leviste.

Kris took to Instagram to explain why she decided to stop her relationship with Batangas Vice Governor Mark Leviste. Kris shared a photo of herself with her children Joshua and Bimby on Instagram, along with a lengthy message about her love life.

Kris captioned his IG post, “Brother isn’t wearing a turban, that’s my sleep mask… The reasons i refuse to give up… and the TRUTH i owe you (i forgot to say thank you in the art cards to marc @markleviste for staying until bimb was a day away from finishing his medicine).”

Kris Aquino Mark Leviste

The TV host-actress described her love journey with Mark in two messages attached to her and her mother’s photo, which led to their separation, which astonished their respective families, friends, and supporters. According to Kris, Mark still has many aspirations to fulfill as well as numerous responsibilities to his citizens.

“I gave you a cleansed version of why I ended my relationship with Marc. I didn’t lie BUT I saw he has many dreams left to fulfill and many obligations to the people who gave him their vote. Sadly, I’m in the battle of my life precisely because I’m doing all I can to save my life because my 2 sons still need me,” Kris began sharing with his IG followers.

She also stated that she is simply human and that she cannot comprehend how Mark is enjoying her life while she is suffering. She emphasized that she, too, was a person who would cringe because she felt Mark wouldn’t think about the difficulties she had gone through.

“I’m realistic enough that Marc has a life beyond trying to help take care of me. I apologize for seeming selfish but why will I add stress in my life when I see his posts enjoying himself when I am suffering 8,000 miles away?

“If we had tried to stay together as a couple the ending would still be the same, I’m also a person who would cringe and sulk because I would feel, didn’t he think about the hardships I went through?” Kris said.

She went on to say that she believes Mark is not ready for the burden of a meaningful relationship with a woman who realizes that her life is now merely time on loan from God. Despite this, the TV host made it a point not to mention anything unfavorable about Mark.

“That’s why I felt better when I came because I saw and I feel that he is not ready for the responsibility of a serious relationship with a woman who accepts the the reality is that his life now is just time on loan from God. We both have the right to live in the way that our hearts are most at peace with.”

“I’m keeping my word that he will never read nor hear me saying anything negative about him because what for. We’re not enemies, we just weren’t meant for each other,” she added.

In the comments section, Mark left a message, saying, “Love, love, love you-all (three yellow heart emojis).”

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