Cop Caught on Cam Assaulting 2 Minor Kids in Bacolod City

Cop on Hot Water after Caught on Cam Assaulting 2 Minor Kids in Bacolod City

A Bacolod City cop was being investigated after being caught on camera assaulting two minor kids in this city.

A Bacolod City police officer is set to file a complaint for allegedly assaulting two juveniles. According to the report, the abusive cop is Police Staff Sergeant Harry Gonzaga of the 1st Negros Occidental Police Provincial Mobile Force Company.

Bacolod Cop Assaulting Minor

Gonzaga is accused of punching and kneeing two juveniles after a rock hit his car. According to the investigation, two kids were playing with their buddies when one of them began hurling stones.

Gonzaga’s parked automobile was supposedly struck by chance. Gonzaga and the victims’ families have already met in the barangay. Despite the police’s apology, the victims’ relatives are still determined to file a complaint, based on the report.

Gonzaga’s position is restricted on camp, according to Captain Judesses Catalogo, Spokesperson for the Negros Occidental Police Provincial Police, as the inquiry into the event continues. Furthermore, when they questioned Gonzaga, they discovered that there were other events that occurred before the incident.

Meanwhile, the Women and Children Protection Desk at Police Station 6 is ready to assist the children engaged in the incident. The youngsters were blotted and had a medical checkup at the City Health Office, according to Police Capt. Dax Santillian, chief of Police Station 6.

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