Remula Identified NBI Official Who Invited Entertainer to Their Event

DOJ Secretary Already Know the NBI Official Who Invited Entertainer to the Event

The Department of Justice (DOJ) Secretary Jesus Crispin Boying Remulla says he identified that official of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) who invited an entertainer during their event.

Remulla stated that he already knows some of the details surrounding the NBI’s contentious conference, including the identity of the person who invited the entertainers to the event. Remulla stated during a press conference that he understands how the incident occurred and who was present.

 “I have the identity of the person already. The one who was spoken to offered the entertainment services because there were other services given. Besides the dancing, I think there was some singing also done. Some talented singers also sang,” he said.

NBI Event Entertainer

According to Remulla, the aforementioned official attempted to speak with him. He did, however, request that the explanation be in writing. NBI director Medardo De Lemos, for his part, has apologized for the intermission dance number that took place during the NBI conference on June 30.

Lemos went on to say that the agency has launched an investigation into the event, based on the report. Remulla further stated that an internal probe is currently ongoing. According to the Justice Secretary, no payments were made to the entertainers.

 “When there’s a disciplinary matter, you allow the internal rules first to kick in so they will police themselves. It is not for us to jump into the fray and take over the department,” he said.

“These were voluntary contributions to an affair of old men who thought they were adolescents,” he added.

Long Mejia, a comedian, released a video of the act on his vlog, which was viewed by the general public. Senators Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa and Joseph Victor “JV” Ejercito called the “sexy” number “immoral”.

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