Furparent Reacts to Cat’s Mouse-Hunting Skills: “Anak ginugutom ba kita?”

Furparent’s Hilarious Reaction to Cat’s Mouse-Hunting Skills Goes Viral Online

A furparent goes viral online and elicits comments from the netizens after reacting to her cat’s mouse-hunting skills.

A furparent’s love for their pets knows no bounds, but what happens when their beloved feline companion showcases their natural hunting instincts in the most unexpected way?

This was the amusing predicament faced by Kathlene Mae D. Ocampo when she discovered her cat, Amus, enthusiastically munching on a half-eaten mouse. In her comedic response, Kathlene jokingly questioned her cat, “Anak ginugutom ba kita?”


Kathlene recounted how she took Amus out of his cage to give him some exercise, as he was known for being a hyperactive and energetic cat. As she sat down to watch TV, she noticed an unusual silence in the room, devoid of Amus’ usual antics.

Upon investigating, she found him beneath their table, devouring a half-eaten mouse.  The sight of her fur baby enjoying a mouse feast caught Kathlene off guard, evoking a combination of surprise, disgust, and amusement.

While she acknowledged that hunting is a natural instinct for cats, she couldn’t help but cringe at the thought of Amus kissing and cuddling with her other pets after munching on a rodent.

“Grabe ‘yung taranta ko, though alam ko naman na nature ng pusa na mag-hunt, e syempre nakakadiri kasi daga ‘yon tapos hinahalik-halikan ko pa naman mga fur babies ko,” Ocampo said.

Despite her initial reaction, Kathlene revealed that this wasn’t the first time she had witnessed Amus’s hunting prowess. The fur mommy admitted that she eventually let him be, considering how much he seemed to relish the experience.

However, she made sure to wash Amus thoroughly, brushing his teeth to eliminate any potential bacteria or viruses from the mouse.

“Ending pinabayaan ko na, mukhang nag-eenjoy eh. Pinaliguan ko na lang at tinoothbrush pagkatapos para ma-wash out ‘yung virus sa bibig nya. Kaso ayon sinermunan ko pa, sabi ko hindi ko naman sya ginugutom para magtiis sa daga,” she added.

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