Arnold Clavio Slams “Stock Footage” Used in “Love The Philippines” Video

Arnold Clavio Airs Dismay to DOT Using “Stock Footage” in “Love The Philippines” Campaign Video

Veteran broadcast journalist Arnold Clavio airs dismay at the Department of Tourism (DOT) for using “stock footage” in the “Love The Philippines” campaign video.

Arnold Clavio highlighted his dissatisfaction with the usage of “stock footage” in the campaign video for the new DOT’s new tourism slogan on Instagram. The journalist reacts to the finding of netizens and blogger Sass Rogando Sasot.

Previously, Sasot determined that some of the videos utilized in the commercial originated in other nations, including Indonesia, Thailand, Switzerland, and the United Arab Emirates. Clavio, on the other hand, described the revelation as both heartbreaking and humiliating.

Arnold Clavio Stock Footage

Clavio questioned whether DDB Philippines, the advertising agency in charge of the campaign, had anticipated the deception’s revelation. He emphasized the deceptive information in the commercial, which intended to entice foreign tourists and even Filipinos living overseas to fall in love with the Philippines.

Clavio predicted that the Philippines’ worldwide reputation will suffer as a result of this discovery. In his Instagram post, he urged the DOT to take action and hold those responsible for the country’s embarrassment accountable.

Clavio viewed the episode as a big scandal in the eyes of the world, underlining the importance of Tourism Secretary Cristina Frasco addressing the problem and taking action against DDB Philippines as soon as possible. In addition, he proposed that the government bar the agency from participating in any future government initiatives or programs.

Clavio also spoke with the President about the matter, telling him that a “manloloko” (liar) had no place in his administration. DDB Philippines had already apologized for the commercial, claiming that it was only intended for stakeholders and not for public consumption.

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