Tulfo Slams BIR Over Tax Increase on Junk Food: “Anti-poor Tax!”

Senator Raffy Tulfo Slams the “Anti-poor Tax” of BIR

Senator Raffy Tulfo slammed the Bureau of Internal Revenues (BIR) over an increase in tax on junk food and other items.

Tulfo questioned the BRI’s “anti-poor” intention to raise taxes on junk food and other food items next year. According to him, the decision will have an impact on the poor, who rely solely on cheap junk food and other items.

“Bakit pinagdidiskitahan ng BIR ang mga chichirya at nais nilang patawan ng buwis ang mga ito,” said the senator.

Tulfo BIR Tax

Poor families, according to Tulfo, “would even eat chips as viands at times to feed their hungry stomachs.” Tulfo believes that if the BIR wants to raise its revenue, it should concentrate on food supplements and beauty items, both of which are part of a multibillion-peso business.

“Kung ang pakay nila ay para makalikom ng dagdag kita para sa kaban ng bayan mula sa mga consumer products, bakit ‘di nila puntiryahin ang mga luxury items, gaya ng mga food supplements, protein bars, energy bars, slimming drinks, pati na ang mga cosmetic product,” he added.

The Department of Finance intends to levy a P10 per 100 gram tax on pre-packaged items such as confectioneries, snacks, and desserts. The suggested tax policy was purportedly approved by the Department of Health (DOH) in order to deter people from purchasing junk food and to reduce obesity and diabetes.

Tulfo suggested that the DOH should encourage manufacturers to reduce the sodium level of the food goods they sell. As an example, he mentioned Singapore producers who discovered low-sodium replacements for processed food products that did not have a significant impact on taste.

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