Supreme Court Disbarred Larry Gadon Over “Profane” Remarks

Larry Gadon Disbarred by Supreme Court Over “Profane” Remarks vs Journalist

The Supreme Court has unanimously disbarred Atty Lorenzo “Larry” Gadon following his “profane” remarks against a female journalist.

The Supreme Court En Banc voted to disbar the recently appointed Presidential Advisor for Poverty Alleviation by a unanimous decision of 15-0. This is because of a viral video footage in which he continuously curses and shouts obscenity towards journalist Raissa Robles, based on the article of CNN Ph.

Supreme Court Disbarred Gadon

The Supreme Court initially placed Gadon on preventative suspension after acting “motu proprio” or automatically on the video clip that was disseminated. Gadon’s activities, according to the Supreme Court, were too scandalous to harm the legal profession.

The Supreme Court claimed that Gadon breached Canon II of the Code of Professional Responsibility and Accountability, which states that a lawyer must demonstrate proper conduct, respect, and honesty. The Supreme Court recalled that Gadon had previously been barred from practicing law for using “offensive and intemperate language.”

Unfortunately, Gadon failed to see that lawyers are supposed to avoid scandalous behavior, whether in their professional or private lives, according to the judgement. The Supreme Court has informed all lawyers that abusive behavior will never be tolerated.

“The privilege to practice law is bestowed only upon individuals who are competent intellectually, academically and, equally important, morally. There is no room in this noble profession for misogyny and s3xism. The Court will never tolerate abuse, in whatever form, especially when perpetrated by an officer of the court”

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