Ex-President Duterte Slams ACT Teachers: “Acting to be innocent, leftist kayo!”

Ex-President Rodrigo Duterte Criticized ACT Teachers Claiming They Are Leftists

Former president Rodrigo Duterte slammed the ACT Teachers party-list and claimed that they are allegedly leftists.

Duterte lambasted the Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) party-list organization on his television show after the Department of Education (DepEd) issued an order accusing them of red-tagging and profiling. According to the previous President, the aforementioned group was only acting because they were true lefties.

Duterte ACT Teachers

As a fiscal, he stated that the aforementioned group should not peel onions because their bias differs from that of the government. He went on to say that the group is run by socialist organizations.

 “Itong ACT na ito acting lang kayo eh, acting innocent. Huwag na tayong magbolahan noon pa matagal na, alam ko na itong ACT party list talagang leftist kayo. It’s for show, you are acting to be innocent talagang mga leftist kayo. Itong ACT na ito were organized by leftist organizations,” said the former President.

The former President exhorted the teachers not to succumb to ACT’s seduction and to remain focused on their role as youth shapers. Duterte stated that they are a communist organization seeking to spread whatever is in their gray matter between their ears.

“Kayong mga maestra, do not allow yourself to be lured nitong ACT membership. Puro komunista ito walang ginawa ito kundi manggulo sa bayan natin. They are leftist organization to propagate their whatever is there in their gray matter between their ears kung ano yan. Huwag kayong magpa-drama drama diyan talagang totoong leftist mga yan,” added the former President.

Teachers who are members of the ACT are aware of the DepEd memorandum requiring the Regional and Division Offices to release a list of public teachers who are members of the ACT and are enrolled in the automatic payroll deduction system as an act of profiling and red tagging.

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