Rendon Labador Gives “Payong Rendon” with Isko Moreno

Rendon Labador Gives Several “Payong Rendon” in Isko Moreno Show

Social media personality and so-called motivational speaker Rendon Labador gives several pieces of advice in his “Payong Rendon”.

Rendon Labador is a well-known fitness trainer, motivational speaker, social media influencer, content developer, and entrepreneur from the Philippines. The 38-year-old fitness guru has acquired a considerable social media following.

Payong Rendon Labador

Rendon, a motivational speaker known for his straightforward demeanor, has made news for criticizing celebrities. Rendon recently sparked outrage on social media after making an unwelcome “laos” remark to one of the Philippines’ most famous comedians, Michael V.

While the lack of names suggests that Michael V’s tweet is directed at a broad audience, Rendon takes it personally and says, “Masakit na katotohanan na laos na kayo. WE CONTROL THE MEDIA NOW”

Rendon rails against mainstream celebrities. He claims that “influencers are the new celebrities” and that “mainstream is dead” and that “influencers are the new celebrities.”

Meanwhile, Rendon delivers various pieces of advice on the current episode of former Manila Mayor Isko Moreno’s show “Iskovery Night.” The section was dubbed “Payong Rendon” by the show.

Read all of his advice:

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